The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda is no longer a secretToday, I had the chance to catch up on some news items that I’ve been lacking. I read about police brutality against gay men in Philadelphia, Kameron Jacobsen committing suicide after being taunted and bullied for his perceived orientation, dads being denied their names on their son’s birth certificate, and a police officer in San Antonio getting only 1 year for in jail after he raped a transgender woman WHILE on duty.

All the while, I’m reminded by conservative media that there is this secret gay agenda. The LGBT community has long since pushed this terminology aside or made light of it with signs and bumper stickers. We treat the terminology “gay agenda” as if that’s a bad thing. I hope I’m not the first to say it but, if so, I don’t mind at all. There is a gay agenda and if you thought it was a secret, I’m letting it out of the bag right here and now.

You’ve heard the chants and seen the signs and bumper stickers that say “gay agenda, 1.) equality 2.) see item 1.” but what is the LGBT agenda really?

Our agenda is the American agenda, that each and every American be treated by our civil system as full and equal humans regardless of what label the majority has given us.
We should be protected by our police and by our government not attacked by them. When we suffer at the hands of someone who’s only motive for their violence toward us is that we happen to have been born LGBT, our police force should respond quickly to get that criminal off the streets rather than tell us there is no hope or do a half ass job of investigating. Our lawmakers should not be debating whether or not we have the right to the same and equal protections under the law as the rest of society while we have men and women dying on the streets because our lawmakers refuse to give us the protection promised us by our Constitution. Our children should never be harassed and assaulted by other kids, aided and abetted by the silence of school administrators, to the point where they feel that the only choice they have is to take their own life. LGBT Americans should not be denied housing or fear loosing our jobs simply for what we happen to be. Every last American lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, woman, man, black, white, yellow or brown should have the same and equal rights because of who we are, not denied them for what we are.
Our agenda is, simply put, to help America realize her dream of being a nation of full and equal humans.

We have in America an unspoken disclaimer on our founding documents which reads “offer available to white heterosexual Christian men only”.
America likes to call herself “the land of the free”. She looks back on her history with pride for the strides toward equality that she has made for women and for black Americans. But what does she have to be proud of? She should be proud if her people were able to learn from her history but it seems to me that we have opted to continue repeating it.

For as many strides that the Civil Rights movement has brought toward equality for women and for black Americans, they are not yet equal. They are still treated as less than human and as second class citizens. So too are LGBT Americans and we will not back down until the American dream is fully realized! We have a lot of work to do. We have the Defense of Marriage Act to repeal and an Employer Non-Discrimination Act to enact along with many other new pieces of legislature that is coming through as we speak.

It is our duty and obligation to see to it that America finally becomes the land of the free.

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Heterosupremacists using the black community against LGBT

Quite often, when I am viewing a youtube video that someone has linked to on Facebook or Twitter, I follow the trail of other suggested videos on the right hand side of the screen. It usually leads me to something interesting. Today, I found this choice bit from 2009. I know, you may say, “but this guy is just a no-body, why do you even care”?
Well, I care, not about this one guy exactly but, this is a mentality that does in fact exist. We’ve seen it in our churches, communities, pundits and even from our lawmakers. They like to discredit our fight for equality by pointing at our “false” use of the term “Civil Rights”.

“Now let me make it quite clear. The Senator is not interested in me if I were a murderer, a theif, a lier or a pervert. The Senator is interested in attacking me because, he is interested in destroying the movement.” ~ Bayerd Rustin

For those who are not familiar with the name Bayerd Rustin, as quoted above, I urge you to research who he was.

I’ve said this before (in real life), the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community was a huge driving force for the Civil Rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s. We fought, rallied, protested, organized and were arrested and beaten right along side the black community. Our history with the Civil Rights movement is clear. Were it not for the likes of Bayerd Rustin, Martin Luther King’s march on Washington may not have been the same. His talents brought organization and people to the movement!

I don’t hold him above the work of Martin Luther King, or any other for that matter but, he… no, we are as much a part of the history of our country’s fight for justice and equality as anyone else.

I quoted Rustin above what I find is most appropriate for this situation. We have, in our time, a large movement against equality. Those who are against us demean us in many ways. The worst of which, however, is in their constant attacks designed to discredit the movement itself. It does more damage than anything. “Civil Rights” is not a trade marked term for the black community, it is a descriptive term.

We, as a disenfranchised community are denied rights to our civil system that, but for the fact that we are LGBT we would have access to. We live in fear of our safety because, our government refuses to pass legislation that names the crime of killing us or beating us as a hate crime. We live in fear of our jobs because our government refuses to protect us from discriminated against in the work place. We fear the livelihoods of our families because our government refuses to allow us to secure their future through the civil right of marriage.

We pay the same taxes as every other American yet, we are not given the same and equal rights as every other American.

And now there is this guy, and those like him who claim that the LGBT Civil Rights movement is using the black community in order to gain equality. This white heterosupremacist doesn’t care one bit about the black community. He is simply trying to recruit anyone and everyone that he can to continue oppressing those who he feels are beneath him.

Make no mistake about it, this person is not alone. There are many like him who will stop at nothing to keep us from the full and equal rights that we deserve. They will get away with it too if we do not all stand up together in unison and say “Damn it, I am somebody and I demand full equality”!

You can make a difference by joining me and GetEQUAL in this fight for equal rights for all Americans?

Until next time, I’m out!

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Jessica Farrar repeal of the offense of homosexual conduct

Today, Texas State House Rep. Jessica Farrar filed H.B. 604 AN ACT relating to the repeal of the offense of homosexual conduct. Should it pass, this will officially repeal the unconstitutional Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code, which reads

Sec. 21.06. HOMOSEXUAL CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex.

(b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

This, of course was ruled unconstitutional in Lawrence V. Texas.

The other thing that this bill does is removes anti-LGBT language from the Health And Safety Code.

This is pretty exciting, as we slowly but surely chip away at legislated bigotry in the state of Texas!

The LGBTQA community thanks Farrar for her courage in bringing forth this bill!
You can join me in thanking her as well on Twitter, Facebook or by phone (512) 463-0620.

Now, we need to call our own local reps and tell them to pass H.B. 604!
Until next time,
I’m out!

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Pointing blame

I haven’t talked much about the #Giffords situation. I find the media jumps too quickly to speculate before we get the real facts. Regardless of that, we’ve seen a lot in the media pointing blame in different directions. Incendiary comments by politicians and even specific politicians are being blamed. We are missing the big picture here. The young man who committed this act had mental issues (by most accounts). As someone who has worked, albeit briefly, in the mental health field I can tell you that, the trigger for these kinds of things is rarely able to be pinpointed exactly. This is a difficult time for the people of Arizona and the families involved. Let’s quit pointing blame and come up with a solution that actually makes some sense. As much as I dislike Palin, the Tea Party, the GOP, and wing nuts in general this is not their fault.

I know, you’re going to point me to the SarahPAC chart and other “could be”, “should be” items out there of interest. I’ve seen them all.

We talk, every day, about Maggie Gallaghar, Brian Brown and the like. We say that they have come to a conclusion and are looking for evidence to support it when it comes to equal rights for the LGBT community. By the same token, if we come to a conclusion about who to blame and then look for evidence to support that conclusion in this case, we are not solving the problem. We are loosing focus on the problem and therefore, hindering our ability to find a solution.

I may loose friends, readers, followers, or subscribers over this but… This is my opinion on the matter.
Until next time,
I’m out!

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My laptop crashed. I will have limited access to social media until tomorrow evening sometime. I will be going through withdrawals!

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Testing out for cross posting. #socialmedia

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Off The Computer and Into The Streets

This is the time of year where everyone does their “year in review” of whatever they are interested in. I thought I’d do something similar but, for me, this has been a different kind of year. This year has been one of personal self discovery and evolution. Many of you have come along with me for the ride, some have just followed along via Facebook and Twitter. Maybe some of you are going through a similar journey.

Early in the year, I opened a Facebook and Twitter account under the incognito name of “Edward Davis”. That’s the name I used for this blog initially as well. I did so, simply so that I can follow and share information related to the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal effort. For those who don’t know, I personally experienced the suffering caused by DADT.

As I began this part of the journey, all of the old emotions from my days in the Army came back. I became withdrawn from the real world. I almost feared going to sleep for the nightmares I had been having and I became snippy with the people around me.

As a sort of personal therapy, I began this blog to write down some of the things from my past that were surfacing. It didn’t take long before people started reading about my story. People from around the country and around the world started reading along as well and I became connected to activists within the LGBT community.

Jay Morris of had become a friend on both twitter and facebook and we’d been following each other’s blogs and interacting via social media quite heavily. When he told me that Austin was having a Harvey Milk Day celebration and rally and that he would be there, I instantly wanted to attend. I really wanted to meet Jay and experience something beyond your average gay pride parade.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think that my other half would go for it. We are very open and honest with one another about everything but, politically we have different view points. When I finally sat down and talked to him about what I wanted to do and why he saw the passion that I had for this and was very much supportive. He even attended with me!

We rallied outside of Austin city hall, marched down Congress Ave and rallied again outside of the State Capital Building. It was amazing and empowering! I learned of the struggle from Civil Rights leaders who were actually around in the 60’s and how it ties into our current struggle for full equality under the law.

From that moment on, I vowed to be a part of the solution. We must, everyone of us, be treated as full humans under the law. We are not going to get there by sitting on our asses and complaining to our computer screens.

Locally, in Austin, we have a number of different organizations that advocate and rally for LGBT and equality related causes. I’ve since attached myself to a few of them and joined in on some of the rallies that have happened.

Honestly though, it’s GetEQUAL that has had my attention and the attention of many people within the LGBT community.

Through following their actions, I’ve become more and more aware of what is going on in the movement and where we are lacking in equality. I’ve also become more aware of my own lack of initiative. And so, I began to organize events myself.

This, of course, is something a year ago I would never have seen myself doing.

It’s been an amazing transformation, I’ve made friends who believe in the things that I do and I’ve made a few enemies along the way too. All in all, I’ve found out so much about myself. I’ve reshaped my hopes and dreams for a brighter future for all Americans and vowed to help in making a difference by living each day for the betterment of my fellow human.

I welcome anyone in the area who is looking to get involved to contact me.

It’s time that we in Texas have stood up as well and joined the movement for a better America.
Please join me in getting off the computer and into the streets!

Until next time, I’m out!

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