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National Prayer Breakfast and why LGBT community should care

Our country has had an interesting tradition. Though there is a separation of church and state, many of our leaders within the country have a faith and practice it. Some, of course, more than others. While I personally hold no … Continue reading

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Heterosupremacists using the black community against LGBT

Quite often, when I am viewing a youtube video that someone has linked to on Facebook or Twitter, I follow the trail of other suggested videos on the right hand side of the screen. It usually leads me to something … Continue reading

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Survey says, Tea Party and Christian right are similar

When 82% of one group believes same-sex marriage should not be legalized, and turn around in the same breath to talk about their own freedoms and rights being taken away, I challenge their sense of reality. Continue reading

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Do you believe in God?

Back Story: I get asked the question about Christianity quite a bit. As with everything I’ve written to date, there’s a back story. From age 0 – 7 I was dragged to church (kicking and screaming) by my grandmother. My … Continue reading

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