URGENT HELP NEEDED: Help save Brenda Namigadde

URGENT HELP NEEDED: Help save Brenda Namigadde – sign the petition! In less than 10 hours a young woman who fled to the UK to escape persecution and almost certain death nearly 8 years ago is slated to be extradited back to Uganda.

In case you were not aware of what has been going on in Uganda, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and other wise Queer (LGBTQ) persons are being put on hit lists. Currently, it is a crime to simply be LGBTQ in Uganda. There are politicians seeking to add the death penalty to the list of punishments for that “offense” but as it’s not currently law, citizens are taking the matter into their own hands.

Just this past week the head of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMU) leader David Kato was bludgeoned to death in his own home with a hammer after having had his picture in a news paper with the title “hang them” as one of Uganda’s top 100 homosexuals.

We are asking that you simply sign the petition to save Brenda and share it like crazy throughout your social media networks.

If you are on twitter, please be sure to include Brenda Namigadde’s name. We would like to get her last name to trend as well if that is at all possible.
Thank you all for all that you do!

Until next time, I’m out!

UPDATE: The BBC has released an interview with Brenda Namigadde as she expresses her fears of going back to Uganda after the death of another activist.

UPDATE: So far over 35,000 people have signed the petition!


About Michael Diviesti

I'm a brother, a son, an uncle, a musician, a software engineer and hopefully soon the law will allow me to be a husband!
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2 Responses to URGENT HELP NEEDED: Help save Brenda Namigadde

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  2. win says:

    Please help brenda namigadde to get her stay in the Uk. if in the Uk they do’t want her please send her to Canada she is highly welcome. And i thank very much whoever has sighed this petition to save her life may God bless you all for having such a good heart. for us to settle, is when we know she has got her permanet stay. so please keep updating us for more information we are ready to fight for her life! She only has one life to live. And what on earth is wrong with Uk immigration judges? Do they what her to sleep with a woman infront of them so they can belive she is alesbian? Come on guys this is an advanced world! wake up thanks

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