Kill the gays, it’s our family value.

People dismiss me when I use terms like heterosupremacist and theocrat. Somehow, the average person thinks that I’m just using these terms to fuel a fire. To clarify, just as there are white supremacists, there is a rising faction of heterosupremacists in America. There is also a rising faction of the Christian Reich who wish to reform America into a theocracy. I don’t quite understand how any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer person can sit and watch the evidence around us and not be infuriated enough to do something about it. For that matter, I don’t understand how any human who believes in a free society of equal opportunity can sit quietly while all of this goes on around us.

I choked back the tears last night after reading about David Kato – Ugandan Gay Activist Murdered In Cold Blood. I thought about it most of the night and had some pretty vivid nightmares of my own while tossing and turning. By the time I started driving to work this morning, I was unable to hold back the swell of tears that had been bottled since last night. Anger, fear and then outrage as I collected my thoughts.

Not for this particular murder but for what I see happening in Uganda at the hands of theocrats in America. Time wrote, a little over a year ago Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S. Since then, we’ve learned and seen much more. We aren’t talking about circumstantial evidence that loosely ties American Evangelicals to Uganda. We aren’t talking about the simple term “evangelism” either.

Evangelical is a Christian doctrine held by a sect of Christianity. It is a particular sect of the Charismatic movement but there are others that fall into this doctrine. Some call themselves “Non Denominational”. They believe in raising “warriors for Christ” and grooming them to become political figure heads. They send their children off to Jesus Camp. The leaders of these groups talking to children and saying that warlocks like “Harry Potter would be PUT TO DEATH”. Further talking about “The Army of God”.

To be clear, this is not to say that ALL non denominational groups are part of this movement either, nor are all Christians. They do however, help to fuel the fire of rhetoric if they attend and give money to churches and organizations that work against equality in our society.

We just had this huge argument regarding violent rhetoric in the media. If you read my posts here, you know that I put no blame on media for the actions of individuals, even as much as I dislike certain media outlets and personalities. These however are children actually being indoctrinated to believe that they are part of a fearless army that has been called by God to install his kingdom on Earth.

That is what the Evangelic movement is about. Again I say, not evangelism but the specific Evangelic movement. This isn’t a recent movement either. I was part of it and was talked into going to a camp just like this when I was a kid in the mid 80’s. There I was told how special I was that God chose me to do something amazing. A phrase they made sure that each kid was told many times over throughout. What kid doesn’t like to feel special?

I digressed a little bit, so that you understood some of the history and terminology but back on track now. There is no mistake to be made that there is a solid connection between the Evangelical movement and what is going on both in America and in Uganda. Let’s look at what has been going on right here over the past few years alone. In the name of Jesus, same-sex couples in California were denied their right to the benefits and responsibilities of marriage. The same has happened in states all over the country. Texas, where I live, is what has been dubbed a “Super DOMA“state.

Worse, we have Rev. Tom Brown in El Paso, TX who wants to deny LGBT city employees and their families the benefits given to heterosexual employees. This, under the guise of an organization called El Pasoans for Family Values. Oh, did I forget to mention? Tom Brown is an Evangelical Charismatic?

Not only are they teaching hatred toward the LGBT community but, the Evangelicals decided it was a great idea to go and teach the same over in Uganda. The creator of Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill used a book written by an American Evangelical writer to justify this bill. The real question, the unanswered one is, did American Evangelicals actually help him to create the bill itself? My gut feeling is, that’s highly likely. Having been a part of this movement in my early days.

Look around us at what is happening here. We laugh about the things that some of our politicians are saying. We think “they couldn’t be that ignorant”. The problem is, they are. There is a huge portion of our society that actually believes that America is a Christian nation and that as a Christian nation, our laws should reflect the Bible. There are LGBT people being bullied, beaten and killed on a regular basis, right here in America. Yet, we have LGBT people right here who, when asked to rise up and help do something about it laugh in our faces.

When are we going to wake up and realize that this is not a conspiracy theory. If these Evangelicals get their way, they will bring their own version of a Kill the gays bill to the floor under the guise of protecting family values. It’s time to act before it is too late.

Until next time, I’m out.


About Michael Diviesti

I'm a brother, a son, an uncle, a musician, a software engineer and hopefully soon the law will allow me to be a husband!
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12 Responses to Kill the gays, it’s our family value.

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  2. Steven says:

    The US influence on Uganda greatly disturbs me. Uganda was always an ugly place for LGBT people but in the back of my mind I am thinking the US interference in their policies may have been a catalyst for the recent acts and escalation of hate and violence. US evangelical extremists and far right politicians cannot achieve what they want America to be, so they go spread their hate to other countries in the hope it might have some influence back home.

    As I am from the UK I often reflect back on lessons I have learned there and compare it to the US where I lived for 4 years. Even though I am not a supporter I have to admire the British Conservative Party for moving on from its earlier days of LGBT hatred and dogma, now they embrace diversity of all kinds, in some respect their outlook is more far reaching than the opposition (Labour/Democrats). This change in policy almost happened 10 years ago. The US is WAY behind the UK, one of its main allies and trading partners. The US is supposed to be this great diverse nation but without the legislation to support it I say its far from it. In an office environment you cannot say you are an equal opportunity employer unless you have the documentation and best practice guidance ensure its adhered to.

    The US definitely needs organizations like an equivalent to the UK’s Outrage, there is no key person in there like Peter Tatchell (, no one to say enough is enough. There is a place for organizations like HRC and Immigration Equality to quietly lobby in the background but I think we need to turn back the clock on Gay Pride events to be more about protest than commercial attractions. When I lived in Denver, 2001-04, it was a very jolly affair with couples holding hands but they didn’t have any recognition in federal law and they still don’t today. 10 years after I moved to the US still no same sex marriage/civil partnership, no immigration, etc. Shameful.

    To me the US feels like its got more in common with the Middle East than Canada or Western Europe. The Tea Party and evangelicals have too much of an influence, society has to progress and move on, not taken back to the stone age or where some people have more advantages of leading a happy life than others.

    • Steven,
      you are amazing. Thanks for sharing some of your story with us and your thoughts. I long and fight for the day when the LGBTQ community in this country and every other country is treated with dignity and equality. Until then, I’d settle for not having to worry about life or limb. These killings and irrational mindsets have got to stop.
      Thanks for reading and for sharing.

  3. LarryG says:

    I am right there with you. Unfortunately I used to be one of those queers that was more interested in what Madonna was going to do next, and what the drink special was at the Homo Watering Hole, that about standing up for my, and everyone else’s rights. Now that I am on the grayer side of 40, my perspective has changed somewhat.

    When NOM came to Indianapolis this summer, I showed up at an impromptu anti-NOM rally that had about 300 people, and I became an activist. But that fire has been slowly dying inside me because I feel like I am the only one fanning the flames. Getting queers to organize it worse than trying to herd cats. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians I suppose is the problem. Gay guys especially want to be at the forefront, in the spotlight, and screaming “LOOK AT ME! I’M AN ACTIVIST!” without really doing any of the work.

    I hooked up with Indiana Stonewall Democrats, they want money. I hooked with HRC, they want money. I looked to GLAAD, they want money. They all want my money, but they don’t seem to need anything else from me. So I quietly gave up.

    Indiana government introduced a bill this session to deny me my rights. And NO one, not ONE media outlet in Indiana is covering it. NO ONE is protesting, screaming, visiting their pols, calling the governor, NOTHING. Disgusting.

    • LG,
      It’s amazing isn’t it? This summer I had a protest all set up in regards to something that happened in Tyler, TX. We had a couple hundred people about to descend on the town but GLAAD stepped in and caused the news station that we were targeting to apologize. This has got to change and it’s got to change now. We can’t just keep throwing money at the problem and expecting it to go away. We need to hold anyone who denies us what is rightfully ours accountable for their actions and words. So sick of it!
      Thanks for reading!

    • Steven says:

      I can understand where you are coming regarding the money. I used to belong to all the listservs of these organizations and they keep asking for money but I see very little results. I am asked to send out letters to legislators which I have been happy to do so but as far as I’m aware they are just chucking them in the trash. We stopped donating to Stonewall Democrats and Immigration Equality because we haven’t got unlimited funds without seeing some results, I’m starting to feel we are paying for a product we never receive. Immigration Equality have been campaigning for well over 10 years and apart from a small growing number of co-sponsors for the Uniting American Families Act little has changed – couples are still being forced to live overseas, relationships are breaking up due to the strain, children become used to having a 2nd parent who is rarely around because they are living overseas and their US partner isn’t allowed to sponsor them to move there.

      As an outside observer I see American’s becoming too complacent of the situation, they think because the GOP have taken back the House nothing is going to happen in the next two years. Everyone is too frightened to come out of their comfort zone. Maybe they are so used to being treated like crap its what they come to expect, its like a “we’re not happy unless we are miserable syndrome”. I don’t see LGBT legislators put forward bills to progress civil rights. I don’t see LGBT celebrities push for change, they don’t want to push their luck and ruin their luxurious lifestyles. The Trevor Project “It Gets Better” video’s were great but unless you have laws to protect citizens they have little recourse against the homophobic bullying. If laws protect you then ungorgeous element of society will back off [to a certain extent].

      Normal routes of lobbying are not working, there needs to be something else happening. Michael, I think you hit the nail on the head with your article.

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  5. Adam says:

    Michael and everyone else who commented on this post- truly fascinating. I’m 28 and just started a blog about how I’m still closeted and am taking steps towards being out and proud. I’m afraid I don’t spend enough time paying attention to what is being done to GLBT peoples in the U.S., let alone across the world. I thank you for writing such an intelligent and focused post, and for calling my attention to these things.

    Because of how I have been isolating myself over the last few years, I have a tendency to not think of myself as part of this GLBT group, but I guess these are all my brothers and sisters. As I continue to grow as a person, I will have to keep in mind that there are rights out there that I need to help fight for. I will be checking out your blog. I hope to talk with you sometime in the future. Keep up that great work.

    • Adam, thanks so much for the comment. I’m going to link to your blog from my side bar. I long for the day when we don’t have to feel like we need to hide who or what we are. Until then, it is great to read about people’s journey into self discovery.
      You are an amazing person.

    • Reed says:

      Dear Adam:
      Welcome to your life in the greater world – and bravo for escaping from the closet of “isolation.”
      Step forth and do splendid things. Stay strong.
      May “the queer” be with you.

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