Heterosupremacists using the black community against LGBT

Quite often, when I am viewing a youtube video that someone has linked to on Facebook or Twitter, I follow the trail of other suggested videos on the right hand side of the screen. It usually leads me to something interesting. Today, I found this choice bit from 2009. I know, you may say, “but this guy is just a no-body, why do you even care”?
Well, I care, not about this one guy exactly but, this is a mentality that does in fact exist. We’ve seen it in our churches, communities, pundits and even from our lawmakers. They like to discredit our fight for equality by pointing at our “false” use of the term “Civil Rights”.

“Now let me make it quite clear. The Senator is not interested in me if I were a murderer, a theif, a lier or a pervert. The Senator is interested in attacking me because, he is interested in destroying the movement.” ~ Bayerd Rustin

For those who are not familiar with the name Bayerd Rustin, as quoted above, I urge you to research who he was.

I’ve said this before (in real life), the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community was a huge driving force for the Civil Rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s. We fought, rallied, protested, organized and were arrested and beaten right along side the black community. Our history with the Civil Rights movement is clear. Were it not for the likes of Bayerd Rustin, Martin Luther King’s march on Washington may not have been the same. His talents brought organization and people to the movement!

I don’t hold him above the work of Martin Luther King, or any other for that matter but, he… no, we are as much a part of the history of our country’s fight for justice and equality as anyone else.

I quoted Rustin above what I find is most appropriate for this situation. We have, in our time, a large movement against equality. Those who are against us demean us in many ways. The worst of which, however, is in their constant attacks designed to discredit the movement itself. It does more damage than anything. “Civil Rights” is not a trade marked term for the black community, it is a descriptive term.

We, as a disenfranchised community are denied rights to our civil system that, but for the fact that we are LGBT we would have access to. We live in fear of our safety because, our government refuses to pass legislation that names the crime of killing us or beating us as a hate crime. We live in fear of our jobs because our government refuses to protect us from discriminated against in the work place. We fear the livelihoods of our families because our government refuses to allow us to secure their future through the civil right of marriage.

We pay the same taxes as every other American yet, we are not given the same and equal rights as every other American.

And now there is this guy, and those like him who claim that the LGBT Civil Rights movement is using the black community in order to gain equality. This white heterosupremacist doesn’t care one bit about the black community. He is simply trying to recruit anyone and everyone that he can to continue oppressing those who he feels are beneath him.

Make no mistake about it, this person is not alone. There are many like him who will stop at nothing to keep us from the full and equal rights that we deserve. They will get away with it too if we do not all stand up together in unison and say “Damn it, I am somebody and I demand full equality”!

You can make a difference by joining me and GetEQUAL in this fight for equal rights for all Americans?

Until next time, I’m out!


About Michael Diviesti

I'm a brother, a son, an uncle, a musician, a software engineer and hopefully soon the law will allow me to be a husband!
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7 Responses to Heterosupremacists using the black community against LGBT

  1. AndrewW says:

    GetEqual never got any real participation – most were paid to attend their “actions.” People didn’t want to contribute either. I’m glad their folding up their failed endeavor.

    The failure of this organization is directly related to their self-importance and their failed strategy of “embarrassing, humiliating or irritating people into submission.” It is a childish and stupid strategy. None of their circus-activism changed any minds or any votes. They simply made the LGBT community look pathetic.

    Unfortunately they wasted $1 million on their stupid publicity stunts. That money could have been better spent at many authentic organizations.

    • The V says:


    • Andrew,
      Um yeah, you really got your message out buddy. I get all of 10 readers a day and they’ve all already seen this exact post because, like the troll you are, you simply copy and paste the same crap in the comment section of any and every blog that has the phrase “GetEQUAL” in it.

      Why don’t you try something new for a change. Get off of the computer and actually do something to further the cause for equality instead of trying to cause turmoil from within. Or is that your goal to begin with?

  2. AndrewW says:

    Congratulations on the 10 readers. Well, at least THEY understand that GetEqual was a waste of money. Now, it’s your turn.

    • No they don’t, they’ve all seen your post everywhere else. I don’t write for readers, I write for myself mostly just to hone my writing skills (which I know are lacking) and partially because it’s personally therapeutic to do so.

      You still haven’t answered the question… what have you done to further the cause for equal rights in America and what organizations, if not GetEQUAL, do you think are doing the most good?

      Or do we simply apply Bayard Rustin’s quote to you as well?
      Do you really care about the movement or is your motive to simply cause rift enough to hinder equality for the LGBT community?

  3. AndrewW says:

    If you know my comments Michael, you would know that I’ve spent a considerable amount of money on research and the idea that the LGBT Community needs accountability and a cohesive strategy.

    I understand that GetEqual has a few cheerleaders, but the fact remains they didn’t get participation or donations from our community. Their brand of “embarrassing, humiliating, threatening and shaming people into submission” doesn’t help us. In fact, it is counterproductive.

    Our community knows that and it is why both the NEM, Join the Impact and GetEqual have ALL failed.

    We need to hold every tactic, method and strategy accountable. We need to determine if they change any minds or votes. If they do not, we must abandon them. That’s what’s happened to GetEqual – it was a bad idea and nobody supported them.

    It’s 2011 and the world has changed. We should, too. Self-important, paid activists that only want to stir up some controversy and get in people’s faces DO NOT change minds.

    Savage’s “It Get’s Better” Campaign has been very effective. It cost $20,000 and it started many useful conversations. GetEqual wasted $1 million.

    • The V says:

      Nobody “knows” anything about you, because you’re a troll and a fraud. You might as well go away, because nobody cares, and nobody likes you. You’re just a sad old queen with too much time on his hands. You’re useless.

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