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Off The Computer and Into The Streets

This is the time of year where everyone does their “year in review” of whatever they are interested in. I thought I’d do something similar but, for me, this has been a different kind of year. This year has been … Continue reading

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Christmas Celebration ends in Gay Bashing

Austin is known as one of the most gay friendly places, at least as far as TX goes. I know I feel comfortable as an out man here. Unfortunately, there are still hate crimes. I was shocked a few moments … Continue reading

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Homophobic Tweet

I didn’t realize someone could have so many different facts wrong in just 140 characters. Which of us are asking for special rights? Is it asking for a special right to not be investigated for who we might love when … Continue reading

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The GRIN Campaign, bringing respect for the LGBT community to our schools

Claudia White, founder of the GRIN Campaign and I have been tweeting together for a while. It intrigued me that such a young group of people were doing such extraordinary things to further mutual respect of individuals on such a … Continue reading

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Target Senators from Arkansas, Maine, Indiana, Nevada, Alaska and Ohio

we are learning that Harry Reid may bring “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” up for a vote as early as this afternoon. In light of this knowledge, we need everyone especially in these states on board and calling their senators ASAP … Continue reading

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Senator John Cornyn Emailed me regarding DADT and DOMA

On November 11th, 2010 I sent an email to Texas Senator John Cornyn telling him that I usually vote based on the whole package of the individual running but that I have changed that viewpoint. At this time, it has … Continue reading

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