Survey says, Tea Party and Christian right are similar

I came across this article on reuters which basically says that there are an overwhelming amount of similarities between the “Tea Party Movement” and the beliefs of the “Christian Right”.

Question: We really needed a survey to tell us this? All you have to do is look who’s part of the movement. The big name media players that endorse and take part in the movement. They are all right wing Christians, Mormons and Evangelicals.

I have no problem with Christians or any other religion (personally). I support and respect their right to believe what they believe. But when the majority of the people within a movement believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, including all of the parts of that book that call for the stoning of rape victims and gay people, I question their sense of morality as well as their sanity.

When 82% of one group believes same-sex marriage should not be legalized, and turn around in the same breath to talk about their own freedoms and rights being taken away, I challenge their sense of reality.

And with the uprise in support for these clowns, we have to do everything that we can to stop this crazy train from taking over our government!

The time to talk has long been over.
It’s time to activate!
Till next time, I’m out.


About Michael Diviesti

I'm a brother, a son, an uncle, a musician, a software engineer and hopefully soon the law will allow me to be a husband!
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