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TX KETK-NBC Asks: Will Acceptance Of Gays Destroy America?

An open letter to Bob Brackeen at KETK NBC in Tyler, TX regarding a recent news cast (video included below): Dear Mr. Brackeen, By now you may know that a particular airing of your news “report” in which you ask, … Continue reading

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Check out press from Mike Burns

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From Senator Dianne Feinstein on DADT.

I support repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Every American should have the opportunity to serve their country, without regard to race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation. I strongly believe that the criteria for serving one’s country should be competence, courage and willingness to serve. When we deny people the chance to serve because of their sexual orientation, we deprive them of an opportunity of citizenship, and we deprive our Armed Forces the service of willing and capable Americans. Continue reading

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Call to action: Bullies, hatemongers and homophobes

We will not sit idly by and watch as more and more bullies, whether those bullies are kids or adults, treat us as subhuman. We will not loose another innocent life to these hatemongering homophobes.
We will take a stand.
We will make it better.
We will make it right. Continue reading

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Decline in new marriages, Ruth Institute Comments

But this I wonder: Does the fact that our society is trying to turn marriage into a meaningless registry of friendships via redefinition have any effect on people’s attitude towards marriage? Any effect at all? Naaw. Impossible. Continue reading

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In #Australia #gay dads are demanding ri

In #Australia #gay dads are demanding rights #lgbt

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Survey says, Tea Party and Christian right are similar

When 82% of one group believes same-sex marriage should not be legalized, and turn around in the same breath to talk about their own freedoms and rights being taken away, I challenge their sense of reality. Continue reading

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