I Apologize to @adamlambert

In a twitter roll, I made a hasty reply to a question by musician Adam Lambert. For the record, I apologize for the way it came across, and I feel the need to elaborate on my answer.

On Tuesday 21st September 2010, @adamlambert said:

Question: Is visibility a form of advocacy? Is being un apologetic enough of a statement on it’s own or does one have to wave a banner or stand on a soapbox to make a difference? Isn’t being proud of who and what you are leading by example? 🙂 just wondering…

To which I replied:

Enough? No. We need celebs to help raise issue awareness! @adamlambert: Question: Is visibility (cont) http://tl.gd/654kif

Twitter’s limited character limit sort of forced a seemingly mean reply. Thankfully, no one has called me to the carpet to explain.

I admire your music and your ability to be “out” and still do what you love to do. While your visibility is a great thing and does a lot more good for the cause of equality than those who are closeted, I’ve personally been frustrated by the lack of attention to some of the issues especially in the recent months.

It seems that we only tend to find out any information about these issues after the fact. Issues that effect our equality are so very important to our country and it’s people but we are left with too little time to make the difference that we can.

Look at Lady Gaga’s appeal to her senators to help repeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and allow service members to serve openly just like 22 of the of the other 25 NATO nations. Most people weren’t aware that there was anything going on with it. The first time I saw anything about it on the news was 4 hours AFTER it was shot down.

Of course, I kept up with it by watching C-Span on the internet and by following the tweets about it but, I tend to be in the circle of people who are keeping up with these issues.

A very similar set of events happened during the Proposition 8 Trials.

There are many people who care about these issues though they may not be aware that action regarding them is happening. If you and other celebrities were to stand up and say “oh, hey what’s going on on Tuesday” so many more people would be getting involved and taking action.

The truth is that it is not your job and not your responsibility to raise awareness at all, however, we would love it if you did help to raise awareness about these issues.

We love you, we want you to do what you feel is best for you and ultimately it is your decision. I’m just saying that you would do a great service to America as a whole in helping to further the cause of equality, liberty and justice for all.

Til next time I’m out,


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I'm a brother, a son, an uncle, a musician, a software engineer and hopefully soon the law will allow me to be a husband!
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2 Responses to I Apologize to @adamlambert

  1. Tisha says:

    I agree. If all he can do is be out and be himself, then he’s doing way better than many LGBT folks. I don’t think we should expect him to be running around the country from rally to rally like Gaga but he can do more. He has twitter, use it. If he has an upcoming concert, use that mike to get the word out. Next time he has an interview, use that moment as a platform. We have plenty of LGBT people, who don’t have schedules as crazy as a celebrity, who do NOTHING everyday. They don’t correct their friends, families, and co-workers when they say something homophobic. They don’t speak out when someone makes fun of trans person. They don’t keep up with the politics and they don’t make calls. People like Gaga and Adam can get the word out but it’s still pretty sad that it takes a celeb to get your attention and to make you give a damn.

    • Tisha,
      You are so right on. We all have to do our own part to the extent that we are willing and able to do so. In his case, and in GaGa’s case, their followings are largely people who believe in equal rights for all.

      It could possibly be that Adam Lambert doesn’t really know about the issues himself. This isn’t his fault to any extent other than that he has not been made aware of the issues of the day or has not sought out to find the issues of the day.

      I am following these issues like a hawk and still don’t know what all of them are, and even still I sometimes come in late to the game. So, I can completely understand him not knowing what issues are going on at what particular time.

      But, I feel like my answer to him to begin with did not take into account these possibilities and were also limited by the confines of twitter’s character limit.

      Thank you for supporting equality and for supporting Adam Lambert.
      atxthumper 🙂

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