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Segregating the gays from the straights

A friend of mine asked me this today on facebook regarding the recent decisions about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). What is your take on the talk about the whole “thorny issues” coming up since the DADT….like talk of segregating … Continue reading

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I wrote this new song intended to be sort of an anthem for gay rights (well any equality related item actually). I am providing the vid, lyrics and chord progression here. The chord progression is simple. It’s in normal tuning … Continue reading

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I’m Excited!

A short explanation of last week’s personal struggle: So, last weekend I wrote a bit about some emotional stuff I was going through in a post titled Love is Not Enough. There’s a little bit more to the story though. … Continue reading

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Love is not enough!

Kind of emotional right now: I’m kind of emotional right now and really having a hard time writing this out so, forgive me if some of this is a little hard to read/follow. I can’t tell what’s really going on … Continue reading

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I was literally moved to tears

This afternoon: I tend to think of myself as a fairly level headed kind of guy. I have feelings and passion but, I am rarely (if ever) moved to tears. This afternoon I posted a picture that truly did move … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words

The Gay Struggle: A co-worker of mine forwarded this picture to me. It was not attached to a story. I wish I knew the background of this photo. If you know, please let me know! The reason I felt the … Continue reading

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Do you believe in God?

Back Story: I get asked the question about Christianity quite a bit. As with everything I’ve written to date, there’s a back story. From age 0 – 7 I was dragged to church (kicking and screaming) by my grandmother. My … Continue reading

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